Peeling and grating carrots

Action abbr.
AD: duration of action in seconds (approximate value)
AE: Energy excreted during manipulation
Sound abbr.
MS - manipulative sound (this is the one that interests us most)
AS - automatic machine sound
NSf - not very relevant or strong sound feedback for action (like wobbling of the coffee maker top while moving it from one place to another or)
RSf - sound feedback relevant for action

Peeling Carrots

Note: Re-record the video.

Task 1. grasp the carrot and peeler
  1. squeeze the carrot between the fingers and the palm of one hand
    • NSf
  2. grasp the peeler with your fingers of the other hand
    • NSf : wobbling of the metal parts
  3. place/position the thumb of the hand keeping the peeler on the top end of the carrot and peeler on the bottom end
    • NSf : wobbling of the metal parts

Task 2. scrape the surface of the carrot
  1. push onto the bottom of the carrot with the peeler
  2. pull/slide toward the top end of the carrot until the peeler touches the thumb.
    • MS: sound of cutting into the carrot and scraping its surface
      • provides feedback about the speed of action, depth of the cut, eventual irregularities of the carrot surfaces
    • MS: sound of wobbling metal
      • provides feedback of how controlled the movement and the contact between the carrot and the peeler is.
Task 3. remove the carrot skin from the peeler
  1. move the peeler away from the carrot.
  2. turn the peeler and shake it to get rid of the peeled carrot skin. If the peel does not fall out, push it out with the thumb.
    • MS/Nsf: wobbling of the peeler
      • does not provide a feedback about weather the skin was removed or not.
Task 4. turn the carrot to expose the area with the skin to be peeled with one hand
  • Nsf

Task 5. repeat 2-4 to scrape another part of the carrot skin

Grating Carrots

Task 1. Prepare: grasp the carrot in one hand and the handle of the grater with the other

  • Nsf : hits of the grater onto the plate

Task 2. Grate: slide up and down the carrot, on the surface of the grater, while pushing
  1. push the carrot onto the surface of the grater
  2. slide the carrot down while pushing strongly onto the surface of the grater (AD: few sec. AE: high)
    • MS : the sound of grating? the sound is louder when pushed in this direction (top-bottom).
      • The sound accentuates the haptic feedback of the carrot encountering the bumps of the grater and passing through them while being cut.
  3. slide the carrot in the opposite direction to come back (AD: few sec. AE: low)
    • MS: smoother sliding sound. Little faster from the previous sound.
  4. repeat 1-4
    • MS: as we repeat the action and the carrot piece becomes smaller, we can perceive its size though sound

Cutting Carrots