A few random observations that occured aside from the filmed scenarios

1 Using a thermos can out of metal

1.1 Putting it to a nice wooden table
  • MS: a scratching sound is audible as I move it a bit.
  • Relevance for action: alerts me of a crumb squeezed between can and table surface, threatening to scratch the surface. Therefore I avoid moving/pressing the can more, or even remove the can, in order to clean it's bottom
  • Possible importance for sound design: the more percussive and smoove putting down the can sounds, the better. continuous scratchin is a negative sign. Also the sound of an "alien" material in the use context is a negative sign.

2. Using kettle for cooking milk

2.1 When putting it to a ceramic stove
  • MS: scratching sound or sound of crushing crumbs
  • Relevance for action: I'm alerted of crumbs that a) are going to burn b) might scratch the surface of the stove, c) might diminuish teh efficiency of the stove by reducing contact surface.