Spreading Jam on toasted bagel

Task 1. Open the jam container

  1. grasp the jam container with one hand
  2. grasp the top of the container with other hand
  3. turn the bottom and the top of the container in the opposite sides

Task 2. Take some jam out of the can with a knife

  1. grasp the knife
  2. put the knife in the container
  3. scrape on the surface of the jam
  4. pull that knife out with some jam on the tip of it

Task 3 Spread the jam

  1. take the bread in other hand
  2. place the jam onto the bread
  3. slide across the surface until the bread is covered with jam
    (back and forth, or in any direction)

Task 4 Repeat 2-3 if there is not enough jam on the bread.