Toast Start

Task 1. Open the bag with bagels
  1. Grasp the bag
  2. Open the knot
  3. Spin the bag to open it
Task 2 Take the bagel out of the bag
  1. keep the bottom of the bag with one hand
  2. reach inside the bag with the other hand
  3. grasp a bagel
  4. move the bagel out of the bag
  5. put/place the bag back on the counter
Task 3 Cut the bagel
  1. grasp the knife with one hand
  2. place bagel vertically with other hand
  3. push the knife against the bagel in the area to be cut
  4. move the knife back and forth while pushing
  5. rotate the bagel
  6. continue pushing and sliding the knife back and forth
  7. when finished, put the knife on the counter
Task 4 Put/Place the two parts of the bagel in the toaster
  1. grasp the two bagel's parts
  2. move them to the toaster
  3. drop them into the toaster: release the pressure when above the toaster
Task 5 Adjust the temperature
  1. grasp the knob on the toaster
  2. turn the knob to the desired temperature displayed on the knob
Task 6 Turn the toaster on
  1. Slide the toaster handle down

Toast Out

Task 1 Stop Toasting (turn the toaster off)
  1. place one hand on the back of the toaster
  2. place the other hand on the Off button
  3. push the toaster Off button while keeping/pushing the toaster from the back
Task 2 Take the toast out of the toaster
  1. carefully grasp one bagel (to avoid burning the hand)
  2. move it to the plate
  3. release pressure to place it on the plate
  4. repeat 1-3